To complete 10 modules or its equivalent from the following: (This requirement is applicable to M.Sc students admitted from August 2015.). AY2018/19 I found that it offers well-funded opportunities for graduate studies in the form of scholarships and travel grants. School of Continuing and Lifelong Education Centre for English Language and Communication Satellite Technology and Research Centre (STAR) Welcome to the official page of the NUS ECE. Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Email: Mechanical Engineering Email: Part II: Programmes AEGIS Engineering takes great pride on our willingness to go the extra mile to exceed expectations. Our Computer Engineering programme will provide you with in-demand skills in electrical engineering, computer hardware design, and software. Established since 1969 Research. You will enjoy the resources and opportunities offered by both host departments (Computer Science and We offer the most extensive selection of academic programmes in Singapore, collaborating with leading universities worldwide to provide our students with diverse opportunities for overseas exposure. The programme aims to graduate professional electronics engineers who have a strong foundation in the relevant sciences and technology and who are able to contribute to society through innovation, enterprise and leadership. //--> Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering) 91.0% 83.4% $3,712 $3,600 $3,982 $3,700 $3,400 $4,546 Bachelor of Engineering Progression Opportunities. See footnote under Specialization in Computer Engineering for CS modules listed as electives. AY2016/17 * Conditions apply for MSc students registered from Aug 2011. 251 talking about this. Mailing Address.   Overview Engineering Principles and Practice. Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine Electrical Engineering — NUS (BCC/B), NTU (BCC/B) Civil Engineering — NUS (BBC/C), NTU (CCC/C) You can find the full list of cut-off points for all NUS and NTU courses here. Having a first degree in Engineering is a very good base to build on toward your dream job. School of Design & Environment He will take over from Professor Chan Eng Soon from 1 July 2014 as the 12th Dean in the Faculty. Cohorts 2017 and after For students from cohort 2017 and onwards, students who has taken CS1010/S/E and CS2040/C/S as either part of their degree requirements or Minor in Computer Science can apply for entry into Second Major in Computer Science if they obtain B+ or above in both … Education at NUS For Management career, a MBA will be a good next degree to take up.   Degree Requirements Comprising of individuals with decades of expertise and experience, AEGIS Engineering possess the capability to deal with a huge variety of engineering projects. ENGINEERING ELECTRICAL POWER & ENERGY COMPUTER ENGINEERING INTEGRATED CIRCUIT DESIGN DATA INTELLIGENCE & PROCESSING A bachelor’s degree from EEE will open up a world of opportunities. The National University of Singapore (NUS) announced today that it has appointed Professor Chua Kee Chaing as the new Dean of its Faculty of Engineering. M.Sc students are allowed only up to maximum 2 modules with: (i) non-EE prefix module, and/or (ii) undergraduate level 4 module, regardless of department/faculty. NOC internship modules to fulfil FOE / SOC Major Requirements For Faculty of Engineering students who matriculated in NUS cohort AY17/18 onwards (non iDP) – NOC Year-long Programme B.Eng Programmes NOC Internship Courses TR3201 Entrepreneurship Practicum (8 MCs) TR3202 Start-up Internship Programme (12 MCs) TR3203N Start-up Case Study & Analysis (8 MCs) Biomedical Engineering … Email: Ms Linn Linn Lab Officer L3 Metrology and Analysis Tel:660 17035 ... 5 Engineering Drive 1, Singapore 117608. These are but a few examples of how electrical engineers are making a substantial impact on society. Student who did not opt for a specialisation will need to meet the course requirement of at least 40 modular credits (inclusive of foundation/core modules, where required) of which at least 30 MCs must be at graduate level within the related disciplines, and the remaining credits may be from other levels in the same or other disciplines subject to the approval of the Department. Faculty of Science They are also exposed to the salient subsections of Electrical Engineering, such as digital design, signals and circuits in their first two years. Centre for English Language and Communication, S. Other Multidisciplinary/Special Programmes, Pre-University Students from Local Institutions, Graduate Continuation and Graduation Requirements, Non-Graduating Programme Application & Eligibility, Responsibility for Notices/Circulars and Updates of Personal Particulars, Notes on Leave Matters for Research Scholars (RS), Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID), Social Visit Pass for Spouse and Child of Full-Time Graduate Research Students, Important Information to Note Upon Cessation of Studies at NUS, Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory (S/U) Option, School of Continuing and Lifelong Education, NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering, Centre for English Language and Communication, Other Multidisciplinary/ Special Programmes. The NUS Computer Engineering programme is holistic and comprehensive. A unique multi-disciplinary programme, NUS Computer Engineering transcends the traditional boundary of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering to equip you with a combination of hardware and software expertise that has become so crucial today. Some industries EEE graduates can enter include: Mathematics 1 & 2 Physics Physics Foundation for EEE Students pursuing the BEng (Electrical Engineering) programme are precluded from reading this second major. AY2015/16, Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering), D. School of Continuing and Lifelong Education, H. NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering, 1. Part I: General Modules taken outside the Department are subject to the general guidelines and Department's approval. NUS Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society Limited. Centre for English Language Communication (CELC) 24 Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG) 24 Duke-NUS 24; Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASS) 24 FACULTY OF ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES 24; Faculty of Engineering (FOE) 24 Faculty of Science (FOS) 24 Institute of Systems Science (ISS) 24 Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP) 24 Multidisciplinary 24; NUS … Institute of Systems Science Existing students admitted before August 2014 may also opt for this specialisation, provided specialisation requirements can be met. Academic Information / Policies A maximum two (2) of the above listed CS modules can be taken and count towards fulfilling the elective requirements of the specialization in Computer Engineering. School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering . A research-intensive university with an entrepreneurial dimension, NUS is ranked consistently as one of the world's top universities. (EE) general degree, or M.Sc. About NUS Faculty of Dentistry Professional Working Experience July 2008 – Till date Lecturer, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NUS, Singapore. © Copyright 2001- Other elective modules may be chosen from within or outside the Department. Prof Chua currently heads the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at NUS. NUS Bulletin AY2020/21 For on-going students, please refer to applicable requirements at >. Accordingly, the CEG programme will provide you with in-demand skills, not only in computer engineering, but also electrical engineering, computer hardware design, and software. Money makes the world go round. Duke-NUS Medical School Administrative Policies / Procedures University Scholars Programme var da = new Date(); School of Computing Faculty of Law CHEW Ek Peng The electrical engineering course gives you a strong foundation in the areas of smart energy management and electrical power systems, and will expose you to skills and knowledge in emerging technologies to meet the challenges of the fast changing energy and power sector. Other elective modules may be chosen from within or outside the Department. Undergraduate matters. NTU EEE scientists develop handheld, high-resolution medical imaging device We aim to provide a one-stop solution for all engineering needs. All Rights Reserved. (EE) with specialization in areas other than Computer Engineering. 6,699 full-time graduates and 877 follow-up graduates from NUS were surveyed in November 2018 and the overall response rates obtained were 76.3% and 68.4% respectively. AY2017/18 Other Multidisciplinary/ Special Programmes Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health Block E6, Level 5, E6-05-03 5 Engineering Drive 1, Singapore 117608. The NUS Bachelor of Technology (BTech) programme is specially designed for polytechnic graduates working in the industry and taught by highly-qualified faculty members in advanced teaching facilities at NUS. The BTech (Electronics Engineering) is offered in partnership with the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. document.write(da.getFullYear()); Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music Teaching Institutions #NUSEngineering What makes studying at NUS Engineering different? Part III: Modules Q & A with NUS Overseas College & Double Degree Students. Department: Industrial & Systems Engineering PhD in Engineering Science, Harvard University, 1997. Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences NUS Mods Provost's Welcome Message It will depend on what you are looking for in your career development. A university education overseas is a hefty investment. NUS Bachelor of Technology in Engineering. Faculty of Engineering Bulletin Updates * In the event that a student opts out from this specialization, any CS modules that had been taken from this list would no longer be considered as part of the related-module degree requirements, and if necessary, the student would then have to take additional modules to meet the requirements of the M.Sc. Location Block E4 #05-42, 4 Engineering Drive 3, Singapore 117583. National University of Singapore. Combined with a rich multi-cultural experience, and the proximity of Singapore … Mailing Address. Yale-NUS College Associate Director (Strategic Innovation) Advanced Robotics Centre Adrian Koh. At NUS Electrical Engineering, students take on introductory mathematics and programming courses in preparation for the subsequent higher-level courses. NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering A module taken outside the Department (prefix with non-EE code) is subject to the general guidelines and Department's approval. 21 Lower Kent Ridge Road Singapore 119077 +65 6516 6666; We pride ourselves on offering the strongest technical foundation in computing available at any school in the country. School of Business Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering, PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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